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PAWL has no upcoming shows.

**Modified Dreams is out as of Nov 2013**

***PAWL is working on two “bare-bones” albums being recorded at home.***

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PAWL is a singer/songwriter and arranger who defies categorization. He dabbles in indie pop, folk, jazz, rock and hip hop.


PAWL contributed writing assistance to the new types hip-hop collaboration track Whose Streets.” PAWL contributed backing vocals, development, mixing and production assistance to types’  single “Empire Dance.” Both songs have featured by comedian Lee Camp VLOG.

In Nov, 2013, PAWL released Archetypes follow up: Modified Dreams.

PAWL is currently working on a full album of home recordings entitled “Modified Dreams Extended,” many new songs with types , a collaboration with the Gentleman of Leisure, and with #MADE.

Our main collaborator types has launched a campaign to record his new album. Please click here to watch his main video and hear other samples of his music. Check it out! In the Spring 2015, PAWL and types will begin recording a new split album entitled “Motel”