PAWL- "Archetypes" (2011)

Rhythm you can dance to; thick keyboards and layered vocals wash over each song. Archetypes takes you to a unique space and time with each listen, exhibiting eight distinct moods. Lyrics that carry you into the fog of a dream toward the moment when an archetype takes form and moves into the light.

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PAWL- “I'm Not Here" (2011)

PAWL and Keeynote teamed up to create something different. A departure from indie pop and hip hop- meeting somewhere in the middle. Featuring powerful performances by up and coming hip hop artists: Famsquadilliana, Landon Wordswell, and Chris Blount. Unique lyrics that stand on their own-- rhythm that will keep you jumping-- this is our music. Three tracks later, still sinking in, unwind with the soundtrack-ready instrumental tracks.

PAWL- “Guest House” (2010)

This album has been described as "cinematic pop" -- songs that tell stories and are, at once, catchy, fun, and at times, serious- but never whiny. Arrangement inspired as much by indie pop/rock as Burt Bacharach, Guest House doesn't try to copy the newest trends in independent or popular music; it delivers its own unique combination of classic and modern sounds.

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"Giraffe Dance" (2010)

  A wacky music video for a ridiculous dance song made

     by PAWL & Friends.


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Chris Blount - “I WIN” (2012)

A triumphant hip-hop album, which challenges the listener while rewarding them with actual poetry and raw talent. No gimmicks here--this album follows an original hip-hop aesthetic with plenty of thick  new-school beats and instruments. This is return of Chris Blount (formerly CUTTA) and he definitely wins! PAWL contributes vocals and keyboards to the track “Cheers” and also keyboards to “I WIN”. Produced by Keeynote and featuring contributions from Omekka of Famsquadilliana and Travis of Northpilot--this album will take you on a journey and deliver much more than you asked for. Did I mention you can download it for free?

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TYPES- “Empire Dance" (2012)

This song is for all citizens of all empires everywhere. This song is for Occupy, this song is for everyone.  Types wrote this a year ago, inspired by #OWS, and thanks to Chris Kennedy (KingFatHand) and his brother (PAWL), he finally finished this track. Please enjoy and dance through the streets. If the Beach Boys’ Vocals and straight-forward Beatles-esque arrangements had a baby, and this baby liked to protest, the song would be Empire Dance. PAWL contributed backing vocals, development, mixing and production assistance.

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PAWL - “Modified Dreams” (2013)

These 4 songs and 1 radio edit represent a fully realized work of PAWL and friends playing their pop gems live in the studio.

Four complex indie pop tracks inspired by jazz, folk, rock, and life…worthy of addition to any indie or contemporary classic playlist.”--The Daily Album. Nov. 30, 2013

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FAMSQUAD- “Lust of Money” (2013)

PAWL contributed keyboards and vocal samples to FAMSQUAD’s second and “break out” album “Lust of Money.” Notably, PAWL’s keyboards and vocals provide a backdrop for the single “Vegas Lights” and “Vegas Lights 2.0” Produced by KEEYNOTE, featuring such notable performers as Dizzy Wright, Peter Hadar, and, of course, Omekka and Cashflow Ellis of FAMSQUAD.

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TYPES & Strange Flow- “Whose Streets?" (2014)

Pawl contributed to the lyrics of this excellent knowledge dropping Hip-Hop track. Two versions of this ground-breaking track feature Chris Blount, Abnorm, and Crystol Slim Bracey. The lyrics are, at once, a righteous call for justice for the “least of these” while damning of large-scale greed and corruption. Strangeflow’s beat is unique and strong! Types and Crystol’s harmonious chorus lifts you up, while Chris Blount and (his brother) Abnorm’s excellent rapping bring the hype! It's a muck-raking hip-hop rant with hyperlinks expounding: it's a pop pamphlet.

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Click here to listen and read all the lyrics--hyperlinked to their real-life news stories--the pop pamphlet.


This is one of the most refreshing and enjoyable EPs to come out in a long time. Sure it doesn’t necessarily rock out, but the pure pop aesthetic is pretty fantastic and a treat to the ears... - Mitchel L. Hillman, Java Magazine, February 2014.